Conflict Resolution

Are you tired of telling him to hang up his clothes? Does she constantly complain about the way your Mother treats her? Are you frustrated with his career being more important than yours? Are you tired of arguing about money and finances? Is intimacy a topic that never gets discussed?

These may seem trivial but there not!

We know…

Conflicts can be ugly! When you’re angry, upset, hurt, furious, or one of the many other emotions which can be evoked by conflict, the last thing you want to do is sit in a room with your partner and discuss it.

In fact, many of the couples we help, are not speaking when we first begin. We do, however, commend you because you are here. You recognize that a problem exists, and are seeking help to overcome it.

At, we understand that deep-rooted conflicts which may have been brewing for a long time cannot be fixed overnight, and it takes a lot of work on the part of both partners to come to an acceptable resolution. More importantly, there must be a desire to work things out.

Our team of counselors use a variety of unique approaches to help couples overcome the roadblocks which stand in the way of dealing with conflict. They are based on an underlying theme of seeing the situation through the eyes of the other person, or as we like to put it, walking in your partner’s shoes.

Imagine your trying on your partner’s shoes. Think about how they feel – too small, too large, too narrow, or too tight. Chances are they don’t fit. Now imagine yourself walking in those shoes. Perhaps you’re a man trying to walk in a pair of high heels for the first time, or a woman trying to navigate a pair of men’s loafers which are 3 sizes too big. The shoes will feel uncomfortable, but this can be a starting point where we can help you understand the different perspectives of your partner.

The point here is that couples are different in many ways including opinions, beliefs, values, and backgrounds. As a result, they often see the world very differently, and it is these differences that make for an interesting and healthy relationship. It is our role as counselors to identify these differences and help each partner recognize and respect them while finding common ground.

The truth is, conflicts are a natural part of any relationship, and if dealt with in a constructive manner, can be a stepping stone to a closer bond and healthier connection. Partnerships take work, and far too often couples find it easier to walk away from a relationship than to take the time and effort necessary to resolve or manage the conflict.

Emotions such as anger, bitterness, and resentment can cause people to forget the reasons they were attracted to their partners in the first place. It’s our role at Couples Reconnect to help you identify those original feelings, expose the underlying reasons or root causes of the conflict, and facilitate open and honest discussion to help you manage the conflict in a positive and constructive way.

Disagreements in relationships most often stem from differing points of view, perspectives, and opinions. In fact, disagreements can have a positive effect, and contribute to the well-being and health of a relationship. After expressing their innermost needs and feelings, couples are then encouraged to accept and respect these differences.

Some of the areas of focus in our conflict resolution sessions include:

  • Learning how to let go of shame and blame
  • How to make complex situations manageable
  • Managing difficult emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment
  • Coping with the betrayal of trust
  • Finding mutually beneficial solutions to relationship challenges
  • Creating a safe home environment
  • Treatment options for intimate partner violence and abuse

We recognize that conflicts in relationships can bring to the surface very deep-rooted feelings and strong emotions. Our team of highly specialized, dedicated, and qualified relationship counselors is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and has a genuine desire to help couples overcome conflict in their relationships.

The basis of our conflict resolution counseling is to reach an outcome that is for both partners. We make it clear that it is not about winning or losing, and that it is entirely acceptable to “agree to disagree”.

If you are experiencing conflict or other challenges in your relationship, contact us today to schedule a private and confidential initial consultation to discuss your specific situation, and develop a comprehensive counseling plan.


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