Ending Relationships

Remember the break-up in Brokeback Mountain where Ennis and Jack made a gut-wrenching decision to end their relationship due to society’s lack of acceptance. Because they still had a deep love for each other, their heartbreaking break-up left us all feeling sad and distraught.

Or how about 500 Days of Summer which strayed away from the predictable feel-good “romcom” storyline by ending with the shocking breakup of Tom and Summer. This felt very real to many of us because life does not always have a happily ever after ending.

And of course the classic of all classics, Gone With The Wind, where we witnessed the rollercoaster relationship of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler slowly unravel. The constant bickering, fighting, drinking, and lack of constructive communication were obvious signs that the relationship was inherently dysfunctional and should not have ever taken place.

Could professional counselling save these relationships, or at least relieve some of the relationship ending pain?

Perhaps, but the point is…

We remember these movies because we see something of ourselves in them. A similar circumstance, the same feelings of pain, or even the same relationship issues lead to the demise.

Let’s face it…

Relationships have twists and turns, ups and downs, and will present challenges to overcome. With some effort, many of these can be overcome, however, there may come a time where you finally accept that the connection is lost, intimacy is gone, trust has been breached, or you’ve just grown apart. And as hard as you have tried, they just can’t be resolved.

Whether you are a couple who has agreed to end the relationship or an individual who wants out, XXXXX Clinic can provide the support and guidance to help you end your relationship. We encounter these situations all the time and understand that ending a relationship can be painful and emotional for both partners. Using an empathetic approach, our goal is to ease some of the pain and provide the necessary tools to get on with your lives.

After all, you may have been together for many years, experienced both good times and bad times together, and had many intimate moments. It’s not easy to say goodbye, and difficult to let it go. We support and guide you through that process.

If children are involved, the level of complexity increases and counselling often involves the entire family. We provide co-parenting strategies, and work directly with the children to help them deal with their feelings, emotions, and support them through and after the transition process.

If you are a couple or one partner who wants to end your relationship, contact us today to schedule a private and confidential consultation. One of our specialized counsellors will guide, support, and provide you with the tools to end your current relationship as painlessly and seamlessly as possible.


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