Dedication, Hard Work, and Continuous Improvement are the Keys To My Success

“One important rule when striving for excellence: There are no shortcuts.”

A Bit About Me

I am an accomplished freelance content creator who has been delivering compelling, SEO-friendly copy and other content to the online marketplace since 2010.

I write with the goal of increasing client revenues by crafting fresh, unique, and well-researched content, which drives website traffic, engages the visitor, and subtly moves them through an online sales process.

Being an internet marketer at heart, I understand the online sales process and how to best optimize a website and its associated parts, with the ultimate objective of maximizing results for my clients. I believe that every word and every phrase must be meticulously chosen in order to relay the right message – a message spoken in the language of the customer.

The language used by most companies in describing their products and services is much different than the language used by their customers. It is my duty as a silent salesperson to uncover that language and incorporate it into all the content I write.

I conduct myself with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, and believe that Dedication, Hard Work, and Continuous Improvement are the keys to my success.

I am committed and truly care about helping my clients grow their business, prosper, and thrive.

When they succeed, I succeed!

My Areas Of Focus

 Website Copy and Content

Squeeze Pages

Social Media Profiles

Sales Pages and Funnels

Product Reviews

Short Reports

Company Blogs

Email Sequences

Press Releases

Product  Landing Pages

Company Newsletters

Kindle E-Books

“All Great Content Begins With A Thorough Understanding Of The Customer And A Whole Lot Of Research”

How I Got Here

From an early age, I enjoyed writing, and in fact, I was one of those strange kids who preferred essay type exams over multiple choice. There was something about getting my thoughts down on paper that always intrigued me.

Others recognized this in me as I was always the “go to” person among family, friends, and business colleagues when someone needed somthing written, proof read, or re-written.

In my professional career where I held senior positions within the banking, financial services, fleet leasing, and oilfield instrumentation industries, I was often asked to write copy for advertisements, design a marketing brochure, or consult on the re-design of a company website.

I seemed to be a natural when it came to persuading through the written word.

In 2016, I underwent life-changing oral surgery which left me with a severe speech impairment. As a result, I changed my career path making a decision to become a full-time freelance writer, operating under the name Impact Copywriting Group.

A Lifetime Of Experience

I believe that an effective copy and content writer must have an inquisitive mind, and be able to draw upon a broad range of life experiences. I certainly meet that bill.

I have been employed in a number of different industries, work for a number of companies, met thousands of people, have a keen interest in sports, commodity, and futures trading, and most importantly, a keen interest in anything related to online sales and marketing.

I’m entrepreneurial by nature, and since 2010, have dedicated much of my spare time learning about the online marketing world.

I have taught myself to build WordPress websites, implement email marketing strategies, create and published 100’s of Kindle Books, build effective sales funnels, and much more.

This knowledge and practical experience have made me a much better and more effective content and copywriter. The world of technology is constantly changing, with new and innovative advancements surfacing every day. My journey of continuous improvement has just begun.

Let Me Show You How I Can Help

Before I write a single word of copy, I take the time to identify your expectations and fully understand your company, its products and services, and of course your target customer.

I believe that extensive research of competitors and their products is the key to identifying your main competitive advantage and conveying it in a compelling and engaging manner.

Copywriting projects vary in size and scope, therefore each project is unique. Naturally, if we are required to do a re-write of a one-page corporate brochure, versus an entire revamping of a 100-page website, the informational requirements will be much less. 

As a client, you will get my undivided attention, and know that I have a proven track record of taking on new challenges and delivering results. I succeed when you succeed. And you succeed when sales and profitability rise.

I look forward to working with you!

-Kelvin Johnstone

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