Dealing With Crisis

Life’s never been better…

You feel closer to your spouse than you ever have. You rarely argue and intimacy is great, in light of the newborn which is arriving in a few short months. The kids are behaving, their marks are exceptional, and they’ve made a few great new friends at school.

Hubby just received a well-deserved promotion, with an increase in pay which will more than cover the financial burden associated with the addition of a new family member. Everything is smooth sailing!


Out of the blue, you feel discomfort and incredible pain – a feeling you have never experienced before. Your husband rushes you to the hospital where you are immediately admitted to an emergency room. A few hours later you are both given the sad and heartbreaking news that you experienced a miscarriage. The baby you were so looking forward to caring for and loving for the rest of your lives is gone.

And… you realize that this devastating event is not just a loss of a child, but also a loss of a sibling, loss of a grandchild, loss of a niece, or loss of a nephew.

The point is, a crisis can strike at any time, and depending on the way it is managed, can bring couples and their families closer together, or drive them apart. There is probably nothing as devastating and gut-wrenching as the loss of a child. The pain and anguish can last for years, and in many cases can never be fully overcome – without professional help.

Crisis can appear in many different forms, the most common of which we see at include:

  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Loss of A Child
  • Terminal Illness
  • Life-Changing Illness
  • Job Loss
  • Job Relocation
  • Death of A Family Member
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce or Separation
  • And more…

Common to all crises, is the loss of something. And where there is loss, there is grief. Although grief is most commonly associated with the loss of a loved one, we all go through the grieving process when we lose something important to us.

At Couple Reconnect we understand that not all crises are created equal, couples and families deal with crises in different ways, and most importantly, that individuals must go through a grieving process in order to heal. So often people try to hide or bury their feelings after a loss, which, if left untreated, can not only lead to psychological issues in the future but physical illness as well.

No matter what the crisis you and your family have encountered, at we believe that…

“You Must Feel To Heal”

How We Can Help…

Our team of therapists is trained to assess the impact of a crisis not only on the individual but on the family as a whole. Through discussion and open communication, we support and guide clients through the process of expressing their thoughts and feelings about the event.

We help you accept that your lives will probably not be the same as before the crisis, and assist you in defining new routines, new roles, and new expectations. Our goal is to provide you with the recovery strategies and resources to continue living your lives to the fullest.

If you or your family are in the midst of an unexpected crisis, you don’t have to recover alone. By reaching out to Couples Reconnect one of our professional, empathetic counselors will help you through this time of pain, confusion, and unrest.  Contact us today to schedule a private and confidential consultation.


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