Review of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder


Before we dive into our review of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder, we felt it necessary to provide some background of the protein powder industry and discuss exactly what whey protein powder is.

According to Grandview Research, an independent organization that provides unbiased market research on a variety of different industries and industry segments, the protein powder industry is in a massive state of growth and will continue to grow for many years to come.
In fact, they estimate that globally, industry sales exceeded 12.4 billion USD, and will continue to grow at a rate of 6.3% per year until 2025.

Part of this expected growth is due to the development of specialized protein powders targeting groups such as keto dieters, paleo dieters, those looking to build muscle, those wanting protein powders for weight loss, and many more. Further, there seems to be a worldwide trend toward healthier lifestyles, frequent exercise and eating nutritious foods which are expected to spark growth.

Animal-based protein powders accounted for approximately 70% of the market while animal-based protein powders are expected to rise rapidly to address the increase in consumers adopting vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. In terms of ingredients, whey protein powders made up over half of the worldwide market at almost 57% of total sales.

What is Whey Protein Powder?

Whey protein is one of two primary proteins found in dairy products, the other being casein protein. It is a by-product of the cheese-making process, and in its natural form is a liquid. It is then dried, generally using a cold-press technique, and then ground into a fine powder which we call protein powder. As mentioned above, whey protein is the predominant ingredient in more than half of all protein powders sold worldwide. In fact, when people hear the term protein powder, they most often think of whey.

Whey protein can be further broken down into 3 sub-segments each possessing different properties. They are:

• Whey protein concentrate
Generally exhibit low fat and carbohydrate levels and do contain lactose. Depending on the brand, concentration levels can range between 30% and 90% protein by weight.
• Whey protein isolate
Whey Protein Isolate is considered the purest form of whey with all fat removed and containing extremely small traces of lactose. In fact, many consider whey protein isolate powders protein to fit with lactose-free diets. The protein content in WPI is typically 90% by weight.
• Whey protein hydrolysate

Whey Protein Hydrolysate has been hydrolyzed or pre-digested and is by far the easiest whey protein to digest. We don’t often see a protein powder made solely from WPH, however, there are substantial benefits when combined with one or both of the whey proteins mentioned above.

When protein powders were first introduced to the market many years ago, companies targeted athletes, and more specifically bodybuilders, to increase athletic performance and add lean muscle mass. Today they are still the most widely used protein by athletes, however, with the advent of new technologies and manufacturing processes, other plant-based proteins are becoming more and more popular.

They are known for their high rate of absorption, and the presence of several nutrients from vitamins and minerals some of which are vitamin B12, vitamin D, DHA, Heme-iron, and zinc. Further, they are complete proteins meaning that they contain the 9 essential amino acids which are required to carry out some of the primary functions in the body.

MyProtein: The Company

Within the protein powder industry, there are a vast number of small producers and a handful of large manufacturers who dominate the market. MyProtein, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hut Group, is one such company.

MyProtein, a British-based company, was acquired in 2011 for $120 million USD and uses a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce business model to distribute high-quality products to the entire world. The employees are encouraged to develop fresh and new ideas and are rewarded for ambition and achievement.

Unlike many of its competitive products, MyProtein manufactures its products in their own state-of-the-art production facility, where the entire process can be controlled for quality and produced at a lower cost than outsourcing the process.

The MyProtein Advantage

MyProtein consistently delivers a premium product that many loyal customers feel is superior to most of its protein powder counterparts. Quality is monitored throughout the entire process, beginning at the choice of ingredients to the end of the production line. The motto of MyProtein is “choose the best milk from the best cows, and the best plant-based ingredients from the best European farms”.

In order to adhere to the high standards they have set, MyProtein has pushed the envelope, to be on the leading edge of technological advancements, which contribute to their superior products. Some of these include:

• Cyclone Dryer which dries liquid whey converts it into a high-quality protein
• 3 mm particle filtering system to remove any impurities
• Patented design to support easier blending, mixing, and absorption
• Hi-Tech x-ray machine which guarantees 100% purity in every product
• Infrared Technology to ensure consistency of the products

At the end of the day, the attention to detail, the quality assurance checks, and the commitment to excellence make the MyProtein product line one of the best products available.

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder


MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder is Myoprotein’s top-selling protein powder and is made from the milk of cows which are raised under stringent conditions, ensuring the quality and consistency associated with the MyProtein name. This adaptable protein powder is sold in 1 kilogram, 2.5 kilogram, and 5-kilogram containers and is available in over 40 delicious flavors as listed below. Tested

Labdoor is an independent, 3rd party supplement testing organization that analyzes, rates, and ranks all types of supplements based on quality and value. Their simple mandate is to ensure that the vitamins and supplements consumers purchase are effective and safe. In addition, they strive to ensure that the listed ingredients and the quantities are what the manufacturers say they are, and also to ensure that the products are free from harmful ingredients or contaminants.

In terms of quality, MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder is ranked #8, and in terms of value, is ranked #3. The overall score given to Impact Whey is the score of 83.4 points out of 100. Any product which makes the to a top 10 Labdoor ranking is considered to be a premium product.

Who is this for?

Impact Whey appeals to a wide variety of groups including those with an active lifestyle or involved in an average amount of physical activity, at the fitness club or around the house doing yard work or renovations. It is ideal for anyone looking for a boost of energy or wanting to top up daily protein intake. Additionally, with its low calorie per serving level, it is ideal for anyone looking to lose or manage their weight.

What’s In It?

Each serving of MyProtein Impact Whey delivers 21 grams of premium protein, 1,9 grams f fat. And 1 gram of carbohydrates, a great protein for weight loss. Additionally, it contains 4.5 grams of branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), which are considered to be the major building blocks for proteins, as well as glutamine which not only builds up protein but boosts the effectiveness of the immune system.

Best Flavor Selection On The Market

Recognizing the #1 complaint about protein powders across the board, MyProtein has committed vast resources to ensure that customers have the best choice of flavors in the market, and also taste great. Consumer complaints about taste are taken very seriously and rectified if they can.

Below is a listing of the great number of delicious flavors that MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder is available in.

Apple Crumble Cinnamon Danish Natural Vanilla Stracciatella
Banana Flavour Cinnamon Roll Neapolitan Strawberry Cream
Banoffee Coffee Caramel Orange Cream Strawberry Jam
Blueberry Cookies & Cream Peanut Cookie Summer Fruit
Cheesecake Fruity Cereal Peach Tea Tiramisu
Chocolate Banana Golden Syrup Pineapple Unflavoured
Chocolate Brownie Latte Flavour Raspberry Vanilla
Chocolate Caramel Lemon Cheesecake Rhubarb & Custard Vanilla Raspberry
Chocolate Cereal Maple Syrup Rocky Road White Chocolate
Chocolate Coconut Matcha Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mint Milk Tea Stevia Banana Victoria Sponge Cake
Chocolate Nut Mocha Stevia Blueberry Birthday Cake
Chocolate Orange Natural Banana Stevia Chocolate
Chocolate Peanut Natural Banoffee Stevia Strawberry
Butter Natural Chocolate Stevia Vanilla
Chocolate Smooth Natural Strawberry Sticky Toffee

Benefits of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder

Appealing to a cross-section of groups, Impact Whey is used for a variety of different reasons. Following is a list of the most common benefits of MyProtein Impact Whey and the reasons why it is so popular and effective.

1. High-Quality Protein Powder
Impact Whey protein has an extremely high nutritional value and is a tremendous dietary source of high-quality protein. It is absorbed very quickly and easily digested when compared to similar proteins.

2. Builds Lean Muscle Mass
Many customers use MyProtein Impact Whey for the sole purpose of creating muscle mass. With 21 grams of protein and an impressive amino acid profile, this quality protein is one of the best for muscle building as well as muscle recovery.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure
Inherent in whey protein is a bioactive peptide called cytokinins, which mimics a commonly prescribed blood pressure-lowering medication categorized as ACE Inhibitors. Studies, although limited have shown that Whey Protein Powder can have a positive effect on blood pressure.

4. Manages Blood Sugar
Whey protein is a great means of managing blood sugar levels, when taken prior to high-carbohydrate meals, making it especially effective for people with type diabetes.

5. Inflammation Reduction
Inflammation has existed for many years, and of late, more and more studies have surfaced, identifying the health risks and dangers it can cause. High levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the bloodstream are a sign of possible inflammation, and Impact Whey Protein Powder can have the effect of reducing these levels.

6. Positive Effect On Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Inflammatory bowel disease is a term used to describe Crohn’s Disease and Colitis, both of which are caused by an inflammation of the lining in the digestive tract. Recent studies have shown that Whey Protein can reduce inflammation and lessen the effects of IBD.

7. Boosts Antioxidants
Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by the body which requires a supply of amino acids to develop. Taking Impact Whey Protein Powder strengthens the antioxidant defenses by promoting the development of glutathione.

8. Positive Effects On Cholesterol
The body has naturally occurring cholesterol in the body. HDL is considered good cholesterol, while LDL, is considered bad cholesterol. High levels of LDL contribute to the plaque I the arteries, and ultimately heart disease. Studies have shown that Whey Protein can reduce levels of LDL, resulting in a reduction of the risk of heart disease.

9. Reduces Hunger Cravings
Many customers who use MyProtein Impact Whey have mentioned that it creates a feeling of being full for extended periods of time. As a result, cravings for snacks or unhealthy food between meals or at night time is reduced or even eliminated.

10. Weight Loss
A good number of MyProtein customers use Impact Whey as a means of losing and maintaining weight. Incorporating whey protein into everyday diet suppresses appetite, builds muscle mass, and increases metabolic rate – three components that are integral to weight loss.

What are customers saying?
A number of customers found that this protein powder did not leave them with a bloated feeling as other whey based protein powders did and provided a prolonged feeling of being full between meals. Others felt comfortable with the ingredients as Lab Door, an independent company that tests supplements, gave MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder, their highest rating.
On the contrary, many users found this protein powder did not mix well by shaking or stirring, however, was fine when used in a blender.

A few users commented that the taste was average and received the wrong flavor when ordered online.
• High protein, low fat, and cab blend
• Top rating from Lab Door, an industry rating service
• Great for muscle building and muscle maintenance
• Contains 80% protein by weight, BCAA’s and Glutamine

• Does not stir or shake well
• Average taste
Click here to access the MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder on Amazon’s website

Summing It Up
First and foremost, MyProtein is a premier company that has stood the test of time by consistently producing the highest quality products on the market and is constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things.

From their choice of quality ingredients to their investment in new and leading-edge technology, MyProtein is a forward-thinking, progressive company.

It is no surprise that MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder is the most popular protein powder in the United Kingdom, and equally as popular throughout the world.

Containing 21grams of pure high-quality whey protein concentrate in conjunction with its impressive amino acid profile, it is an ideal choice for muscle builders and those looking to lose weight alike.

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